Yes, Men Do Love Redheads

I walk to work every morning.  I like to walk because it gives me a little extra exercise, which is important since I’m an accountant and spend my day sitting at a desk.  My apartment is about 2 miles from my office, which, for most New Yorkers, is an insane distance to walk.

One day this past week, after I had gone about 3 blocks, I started to sweat.  It was too muggy for me so I decided to hop on a bus.  The bus was pretty full so I stood towards the front.

After a couple stops, a woman got on who caught my attention.  She wasn’t extremely attractive but she was pretty.  However, she had amazingly beautiful red hair.  She parted it on her left side and it was about shoulder length.  I would guess she was Irish with such red hair.  I’m almost 6 foot tall and would estimate that she was about 5’7’’.  Overall, I wouldn’t say I was very attracted to her but her hair was just mesmerizing with its bold color.

Initially, she also stood at the front of the bus but was behind where I was standing.  I could occasionally catch a glimpse of her reflected in the windows but I really wasn’t able to get a great look at her.  However, at the next stop as more people were about to get on the bus, she moved further back and came to the side of the bus I was standing on.

Now I had a perfect view of her.  Overall, I didn’t find her all that attractive.  I like really short girls and she was an average height.  I prefer very long hair and hers was wasn’t extremely long.  I love large breasts and from what I could tell she wasn’t more than a B cup.  Overall she wasn’t a girl I would be strongly attracted to but her hair color was just so amazing.

I didn’t want to stare at her but I found myself looking at her hair.  I would force myself to look away but then like metal to a magnet, when I wasn’t thinking about it, I would find myself checking her out.

The bus finally reached my stop and I prepared to get off.  As I moved forward, I noticed in my peripheral vision that she was starting to move towards the door as well.  As I was walking down the sidewalk, she walked past me.  I decided to talk to her so I reached deep inside for some courage and said “Excuse me”.

She was listening to an iPod so she took her earplugs out and turned towards me.  I ask if she would mind if I gave her a compliment.

“That’s a great way to start the day” she said.

She came across as very nice and I was happy that she seemed open to talking to me, a complete stranger.

I told her that I thought her hair looked amazing.  When I said that, she chuckled and said thank you even though with the humidity it was probably all frizzy.  At that moment I was caught by surprise.  It didn’t even occur to me that her hair might not be at its “best” given the weather conditions.  In truth I didn’t even really notice her hair style.  I was just dazzled by the beautiful red color.  I wasn’t sure what to say.  I didn’t want to tell her that I only meant her hair color and I would still think it looked good even if it was standing straight out in all directions.  I muttered something back about it looking fine and then I told her that her hairs red color was just awesome.

We reached the corner and stopped to wait for the walk signal.  I looked at her and again I thought that overall I just wasn’t that physically attracted to her.  She wasn’t ugly by any means but she was not what I would normally be attracted to.  I found her to be sorta plain in appearance other then her stunning hair.

She thanked me for the compliment and said something else that I really wasn’t paying attention to.  She was very pleasant.  Given the situation I could have expected that she would act cold and stand offish but instead she was very personable.

Part of me wanted to ask her out.  I was tempted to see if she would give me her phone number or an e-mail.  I’m not a very good judge of women but given how friendly she was acting, I felt that she must be somewhat open to me.  She certainly didn’t act like she was talking to some ugly troll that she just wanted to get away from.  The thought of running my fingers through her hair was a very strong pull.

Instead of crossing that line I decided to back down.  Other than her hair I wasn’t really that excited about her.  Yes, she seemed nice but did I really want to take the time to find out if we had any chemistry just because I was having a fantasy of her hair dangling down around my face as she’s over me in bed?  I told her that it was nice to meet her and I hoped she would have a nice day.  Then I turned right and headed down the street without looking back but with nagging thoughts off her beautiful red hair.

She did seem very nice.  I hope that my compliment made her feel good.  Perhaps at some point during the day she’ll think back to that morning and remember me and think of what I said to her.  At that moment, I hope a smile comes to her face.