Dating Quiz: Does He Think You’re ‘Girlfriend Material?’

Dating Quiz: There are subtle ways to tell if a guy thinks you might be “girlfriend material” (rather than just a fling). Use this quiz to read his signs:

There are subtle ways to tell if a guy thinks you might be “girlfriend material” (rather than just a fling). Use this quiz to read his signs:


Q1. He invites you over to his apartment for the first time. How clean is his bathroom?

a. A typical “guy” bathroom. Not the epitome of cleanliness, but it looks as if he’s straightened up a bit (more than just a square of toilet paper on the roll, he’s hidden his stack of Maxim magazines, etc.).
b. Utterly disgusting. There’s dirty underwear hanging on the door handle, black mold growing everywhere, beard stubble in the sink, and his shower should be quarantined.
c. Spotless. You can tell he’s freshly scrubbed every surface…it even smells like Lysol. He’s so NOT the clean-freak type so you can be pretty sure he’s done this just for you.


Q2. You’re on your third date. Where does he take you?

a. To the same neighborhood pub around the corner from his apartment where you spent dates #1 & #2.
b. The movies…You chose.
c. To his favorite restaurant in the city. Even though it’s not super fancy, it’s his special spot and he doesn’t share it with just anyone.


Q3. He’s in charge of planning a Saturday date. What does he come up with?

a. He picks you up at your apartment in the late afternoon and takes you to the beach. He’s prepared a picnic basket complete with an assortment of cheese, fruit, and chocolate…and of course a bottle of wine. After your picnic you walk along the beach and watch the sunset. Then you head to his apartment where he’s rented two of your favorite movies – a drama and a comedy, whichever you’re in the mood for.
b. He takes you to a nice restaurant and even has a romantic lounge picked out for a post-dinner cocktail.
c. Nothing. He leaves it up to you.


Q4. Has he ever cooked for you?

a. HA! You’ve never even eaten together… unless you count alcohol as a liquid meal.
b. Once he made you eggs in the morning.
c. Yes! Even though he’s not an experienced cook, he found a recipe that he thought you’d like and made an elaborate candlelit dinner. You were so impressed.


Q5. He keeps something in his apartment just for you (e.g. your favorite iced coffee in his fridge even though he doesn’t drink it, a toothbrush in his bathroom, etc.)

a. True.
b. False.
c. I’ve never even been inside his apartment.



1.     a = 2        b = 0        c = 4
2.     a = 0        b = 2        c = 4
3.     a = 4        b = 2        c = 0
4.     a = 0        b = 2        c = 4
5.     a = 4        b = 2        c = 0

Now add your points from each question. If your total is:

16 – 20 …….. You’re SO “Girlfriend Material.” He’s certainly not treating you like “some girl he’s seeing.” Don’t be surprised if he starts using the “G” word soon!

8 – 14 …….. He’s Making Up His Mind. He may not be courting you with as much enthusiasm or creativity as you’d like, but he’s definitely interested. Whether he’s sorting through his own issues about getting serious or would like to get a few more dates with you under his belt before deciding, it might take a while before you know where you stand with him.

0 – 6 …..… Why Bother? Forget you being “Girlfriend Material’ – is this guy really “Boyfriend Material???” He doesn’t seem to be putting much effort into your relationship, so does he really deserve to have one with you?